Tuesday, November 16, 2010

David Bowie played from the stereo

I thought of you
right before I threw up
the last of the alcohol
from last night.
The bile from my stomach
tasted better then you.
I heard something
from the living room.
I crawled, on two feet,
towards the sound.
David Bowie played from the stereo,
while you slept on the couch.
I threw up again
and laid down in it
hoping to catch some sleep
and forget about it all.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Creating things is an awkward process

I like writing, but I hate showing people what I've written.
I enjoy drawing, but I hate asking people what they think about it.
Creating things is just such an awkward process.
Peer review and acceptance is just so hard to obtain.
I think I'll give up and go feed the ego of another hollywood star.
They're not afraid of what I have to say.
Probably because I'm yelling at a screen.
But I digress, creating is hard.
Too hard for me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Party part 2

Continuing the story. Not sure how many more there will be. I've been feeling motivated lately. I'll work on getting more up.

Waking up is the hardest part of the day

Pretending to be sleeping,
hearing your roommate talk about the most pointless things,
and pretending to be asleep.
Nothing bothers you,
you're under warm covers,
and nothing bothers you.
But then the sunlight seeps through
the cracks in the shades and into your sleepy eyes
and the sunlight seeps through.
Pretending becomes harder,
as your mind wakes up and remembers everything terrible and good,
and pretending becomes harder.
You sit up and push back the covers,
a wave of cold hits your body,
and you wake up.
The hardest part of the day is over.